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WooCommerce vs. Magento vs. Shopify: Detailed eCommerce Platform Comparison

E-commerce businesses have been booming in recent years. When starting an online store, most people wonder which eCommerce platform to choose. Guaranteed Software’s goal is to help businesses of all sizes choose the best eCommerce platform and help their business prosper.

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Running a successful store depends on having the right information. It is essential to know which platform is best suited for your e-commerce needs and constraints. Our infographic compares the three biggest e-commerce online platforms – WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify – and outlines their pros and cons. We’ve taken into account the popularity of each platform, cost, ease of online store management, flexibility, scalability, SEO optimization, and the security that each platform provides its users. Before you choose the software for your next storefront, we recommend that you first read our detailed analysis of these three most popular e-commerce platforms to help in making an informed decision.

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