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Priority Service

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With this package, we will review and post your infographic to our site within 48 hours (unless it is rejected in which case we will issue a full refund).

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We will post your infographic within 48 hours after your payment is confirmed. Please note that we reserve the right to reject infographics, in which case your money will be refunded immediately.

What is Our Priority Service?

Under this plan, we will guarantee to review your infographic under 48 hours. If your infographic meets our standards, we will post it to our site. There are no recurring fees. You pay for faster service and nothing else. If we do not accept your infographic, we will refund your money.

This service enables us to review higher quality infographics faster and fund our operations in the process. This is the cheapest way to make sure your infographic is posted to this site fast.

General information about infographic submissions

What Our Plans Don’t Include?

Our goal at is to cover the most exciting infographics on the Internet. We do not sell links. We also do not guarantee that submissions will automatically get accepted. In fact, we reject most submissions and issue refunds right away. We do not officially endorse any infographic and the ideas discussed in it on our website. Our paid services only cover faster service and nothing else. We do not charge recurring or hidden fees. We do not remove infographics that we accept unless they point to a broken/expired website.

What Our Submission Services Include?

When you buy a premium submission package on our website, we will guarantee to review and post your infographic to our website in a timely fashion. If we reject your infographic, you get a refund. There are no hidden fees. When you buy a submission, you are paying for us to post your visual to faster.

How Many Infographics Are Covered With Each Payment?

Only 1. If you have more than one infographic but would not like to pay for our services, please use our free submissions service. Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee we will ever review or post infographics you submit through our that avenue.

What’s Our Refund Policy?

Once we accept your infographic and post it on our website, there are no refunds. We have to take time to review each infographic, which is the main reason we can’t offer refunds when we have posted an infographic.

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