Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around these days. With everyday that goes by, more people start getting Twitter. The service has come a long way in the past few months and is only going to get better. If you are a Twitter junkie, you should check these 10 infographics out:

Proven Ways To Get More Followers: want to increase the number of followers you get on Twitter. Dan Zarrella has some simple to follow tips for that.

States Twitter Ranking: wondering how your state fares against others when it comes to its Twitter community. This infographic by Hubspot shows you just that.

Life Without Twitter: have you ever wondered what you would be doing if Twitter was not around? This infographic should give you some ideas how the world would look like without Twitter.

The Tweet Topic Explorer: wonder what people tweet about the most? Maybe you want to increase the number of tweets you get. This infographic can help.

The Four Stages of Getting Twitter: the folks at have put together an infographic that shows how people go from getting started with Twitter to getting addicted to it.

Twitter Facts & Figures: many of us use Twitter on a daily basis without knowing too much about its faces and history. This infographic can give you a quick crash course on that.

The Journey of a Tweet: a cool visual that shows what your tweets could through as they are shared and retweeted by other users.

Love & Hate on Twitter: shows you what people love or hate on Twitter. It visualizes people’s sentiments towards certain topics.

Profile of a Twitter user: there are all kinds of people involved on Twitter. But it is not that hard to create a profile for them. This infographic visualizes that in a gorgeous fashion (via).

Why You Can’t Ignore Twitter: if you are still ignoring Twitter in 2011, you are totally missing the boat. This cool graphic by Saf’ (Safia Osman) shows why Twitter matters.

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